You can read where I’ve blogged on what this is all about.  Can I persuade you to join in?  Ah go on!  Just tell me if you do so I can tick it off the list!

Just for the fun of it

1. Get one other person signed up for this.
2. Write an email to my future self in 5 years.
3.  Decide what to do about that stupid tattoo on my shoulder once and for all.
4.  Take a car out on a skid pan and abuse it thoroughly.
5. Finish research and blog article on single parent holiday resources and share.
6. Finish research and blog article on the best online networking sites for single parents and share.
7. Photograph each task on this list and blog about it as it is completed. 
8. Invent a character and write a children’s story about it for munchkin.
9. Learn how to write poetry.  Properly.
10. Finish Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order which I am currently generally too tired to properly concentrate on.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.
11. Trace my family tree.
12.  Get munchkin signed up to the library and enjoy.
13. Learn how to play ‘the Mess around’ on the piano.
14. Visit Ronnie Scotts again.
15. Take munchkin to a music festival.
16. Teach munchkin to play a tune on the piano.
17. Take munchkin to the vintage carol concert at the Royal Albert Hall.
18. Take munchkin to see the Nutcracker ballet at Christmas.
19. Grow my own tomatos from seed. DONE
20. Grown my own peppers from seed. TRIED AND FAILED
21. Grow marigolds with munchkin so the aphids don’t get my tomatos.
22. Grow my own strawberries in a hanging basket.23. Learn how to make chutneys.
24. Cook one new recipe each fortnight from any of my recipe books.
25. Learn to make Simnel cake for Easter.
26. Learn to make olive bread.
27. Make my own Christmas pudding.
28. Learn how to make groovy cup cakes.
29. Learn how to make scones.
30. Revisit Cafe Spice Namaste, the best Indian restaurant in the whole of London.
31. Revisitthe Blue Elephant, the most fun Thai restaurant in the whole of London.
32. Revisit the Crazy Bear, the most beautiful Thai restaurant in the whole of London.
33. Revisit Fairuz, the best Lebanese restaurant in the whole of London.
34. Get someone to take me to Clos Magiorre.
35. Go to Vinopolis and learn about wine without getting too drunk.
36. Learn how to make carrot cake.
37. Keep my reusable fold up able bags in my handbag so I’m never caught out at the supermarket, and put my re-usable larger hessian bags in the car boot for the same reasons. DONE
38. Start composting.
39. Fit one of those toilet thingies that saves water. DONE
40. Give blood.
41. Stop junk mail DONE (learn more)
42. Don’t use plastic cups at work for the duration of this 1001 days.
43. Participate with ‘Operation Christmas Child shoebox’  
44. Stop charging my phone overnight and wasting energy.
45. Learn how to make some of m own environmentally friendly cleaning fluids for the home.
46. Stop using cling film.
47. Finish the crewel work embroidery I started about 2 years ago and frame it.
48. Finish the Noah’s ark I’m knitting for munchkin.
49. Make all my own cards for family birthdays and christmas.
50. Learn how to make those pretty Christmas decorations made from oranges and cloves.
51. Take a watercolour course.
52. Take munchkin to Diggerland so I can prove I’m not gender stereotyping her lol.
53. Do a walking tour of London.
54. Attend a philosophy lecture.
55. Create some home-made wall art for munchkin’s bedroom.
56. Crochet a vintage style blanket for camping expeditions.
57. Sketch a picture of munchkin.
58. Set up a single parent network at work.
59. Buy a bell tent and take munchkin camping in it.
60. Take munchkin swimming one a month for the whole summer (May to September).
61. Make a sandcastle with munchkin.
62. Eat candy floss at the seaside in the winter in the rain with munchkin.
63. Brave my fear and do some painting at home with munchkin.
64. Write a poem for my daughter every time it is her birthday and put it in her card. 
65. Create a memory box for my daugther’s birthday cards.
66. Meet one other single parent in real life through my online journey during the 1001 day challenge.
67. Do an Easter egg hunt.
68. Take munchkin to the zoo.
69. Take munchkin into work and wreak havoc.
70. Sand and repaint the old pine furniture I’ve been given for munchkin’s bedroom.
71. With munchkin, get some face paints, paint our faces and go to the shops to buy a pint of milk.
72. Use sun screen year round starting from now.
73. Go for a posh picnic.
74. Use our as yet untried tag along with the bikes.
75. Do a donkey ride on the beach.
76. Grow flowers in the garden in munchkin’s own special flower garden.
77. Weigh in my old gold and get something nice made for munchkin.
78. Make a puppet theatre.
79. Run at least once a week for a year.
80. Take a lunch break every day at work for a month that includes going out and getting fresh air not sitting on my backside noodling on the internet and not having a proper break.
81. Learn to meditate.
82. Keep my Christmas tree alive and re-use it each year – this is complete once we’ve had 2 Christmases with it.
83. Have a facial for the first time in my entire life.
84. Take a vintage hair and make-up lesson and discover my inner Dita.
85. Do the 100 push up challenge
86. Think of one thing that has made me smile that day and think about it before bed for a month.
87. Do not check my blackberry on the train on the way home from work for the duration of this 1001 days.
88. Go windsurfing at least six times in the summer and then get an assessment on my readiness for my intermediate certificate.
89. Buy some decent used windsurfing kit to reduce my costs.
90. Sort out this messy, hippy, mop of hair that calls itself a hair style so that I no longer resemble cousin It.
91. Start doing some sort of martial arts with munchkin.
92. Buy a device and back up all my photos.
93. Throw a thank you party when my divorce is complete for all my friends.
94. Go out on my own with my dad and mum separately at least once a year.
95. Do a circus skills experience.
96. Babysit for my two nephews to give my sister and bro in law a night off.
97. Visit Petra and pretend to be Indiana Jones.
98. Visit the house they used for Mr Darcy’s in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice and pretend to be Lizzy Bennett.
99. Visit Pena Palace, Portugal.
100. Visit Barcelona.
101.  Visit Kew gardens.


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