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Approaches to personal knowledge management

Really nice, easy to follow description of how you can manage your personal knowledge from Free as in Freedom.

I confess I’m not using Google reader to aggregate my feeds.  I prefer to have them in Outlook so I can scan over them in the morning when I first log in and have ten minutes over a bagel and cup of tea to filter out the fluff and identify the goodies I want to come back to.

What I’d add is that I find Google Alerts to sometimes be useful and I love WordPress’ Tag surfer for a bit of serendipitous reading too.  I also randomly Google phrases that relate to posts I’m writing, once they are written, to have a peek at who else out there is writing about similar stuff and to see what they are saying.  I’ve learnt not to do that Googling process at the inception of writing a piece because it I find it allows the booming voice of my inner critic to take hold.  Inevitably there is always somewhere out there who has said what you want to say and often in a more eloquent, clever way to boot.  However this is my learning journey so its important for me to go through that thought process as I write myself.

I’d love to hear any other innovative ways people have to manage their personal knowledge.


Knowledge management: understanding users of social networks

Found a fascinating post from Harvard Business Review, ‘Understanding users of social networks‘ from September 2009.  The key figures for me were:

  • People most love to look at pictures when using social media
  • The biggest usage categories are men looking at women they don’t know (scoping them out presumably!), followed by men looking at women they do know. 
  • Women look at other women they know. 
  • Overall, women receive two-thirds of all page views.
  • 90% of Twitter posts are made by 10% of users
  • There are more women on Twitter than men,  both genders tweet at the same rate.
  • Early research shows that women say things in tweets whereas men reference other othings (showing that we are the origin of all original thought LMAO!)
  • MySpace is a dodo.

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