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Mother Appeaser bids her disciples adieu…for now!

This blog may receive the record for being the shortest in existence ever but for various reasons, I’ve decided that things have run their very short course and I will be closing it down in the next few days.  May I thank the merry  band of readers who I have gained along the way.  When I blog again (it’s a filthy habit, I know I’ll be back lol!) I’ll find you and you’ll find me, I’m sure.  Life has shown me that the important people in your life are ever present in the most unexpected and wonderful ways.

The past week has been chaotic, catalytic and cathartic.  In that order.  I have had three huge realisations – nay epiphanies – bang bang bang, one after the other.  The net result is that despite my father’s continuing health problems and uncertainty over where I will be living once my flat tenancy expires, I feel a new life is beginning for me right now.  I’ve hit the emotional ‘reset’ button and am finally ready to begin moving forward and living my life again.  I shall now commence with a wonderfully indulgent ramble as to why this is.  If you’re interested feel free to read on.  But if not, mwah mwah, and see you soon…maybe ;o) Times are a-changin.

So back to it.  The cause of these epiphanies?  First up I’ve felt increasingly unfulfilled in my career of late.  I’ve felt trapped because I have a killer flexible working arrangement in a job that pays well but is ultimately not as challenging as it could be.  I’ve got bored and probably a bit disillusioned.  I started writing this blog as a way to try and spice things up and re-engage with the topic of knowledge management but I’ve realised that’s not enough and hasn’t had the desired effect as I largely rarely write about KM!

Whether it is coincidence or whether it is me making my own luck I do not know, but after sharing my discontent with my boss and discussing future hopes,  I have within the space of three little but HUGE days been given some tremendous opportunities to develop myself and work on projects that I never dreamed possible. 

I also have found myself an incredible and wonderful mentor.  In our initial conversations she has energised me, inspired me, shown an amazing confidence in me that has startled me and so is rebuilding and increasing my confidence hugely.   

I of course am now having a huge ‘oh shit’ moment but that’s good.  It shows you are stretching yourself and challenging yourself.  So I want the time back I was spending on this blog to spend part of which on my personal development.  And on really relaxing more away from the laptop screen in the evenings.

Second up the civility and politeness with ex husband is now paying dividends.  We’ve hit a sweet spot I didn’t think was possible.  Negotiations over holidays and changes to contact dates have gone swimmingly by email.  Collection and drop offs have become a breeze.  I would like to take a moment to thank myself for giving myself permission to be friendly with him.  It doesn’t mean I’m compromising my values or inner feelings towards him.  It just means that we’re building a positive ‘working relationship’ for our daughter.

I smiled earlier.  A friend was asking whether the finalising of the divorce, which is imminent in 2 months, will lift a weight from my mind.  He is convinced it will have a big impact.  I disagree.  I can’t deny there will certainly be a sense of relief but it won’t be a ground shaking me running around the flat in victory laps with my t-shirt over my head kind of relief! 

I’ve hit a positive equilibrium with my ex husband.  I suddenly realised when chatting to superwoman (aka my mum) this morning that my ex husband, the divorce, his partner – that they’ve not entered my head once over the past few weeks.  Why?  They have no reason to!  Yes it was stressful earlier in the year with the threats and counter threats of court action.  But that’s passed and the divorce is now just bits of paper flitting backwards and forwards between solicitors who are making pernickety edits to wording in a vain effort to screw us both for a last few quid before it all ends. 

Now it’s just paperwork and process.  There’s nothing more to agree or disagree over.  Pieces of paper will be filed and then another piece of paper will arrive which says Decree Absolute.  What changes though?  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  For me the divorce was finalised and ‘over’ when I decided to stop behaving like a prat, rise above the childish behaviour of my ex husband and adopt a calm approach to dealing with him. 

At the end of the day the only thing that piece of paper will do is (a) empty my bank account when I pay my solicitors bill and (b) refill my bank account with equity so I can buy a house for me and my beautiful little munchkin.  So writing about ex husband, the divorce, his new partner and all things related on this blog is no longer needed.  That stuff?  It’s very last year, dahling. 

Third up I’ve accepted that I am single again.  I’ve spent a few weeks in denial, wondering how I would cope.  I was left reeling when my relationship with ex boyfriend fell apart.  I never thought I’d meet someone I connected with so hugely.  Once I realised this I let the brakes off in a way I didn’t think possible following the pain of my marriage break up.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think the man I fell so deep and hard in love with, would leave my life.  I really thought that was it. A new and unexpected beginning.  We were making dreams and schemes and I felt sure that we could become a happily family, me, he and munchkin. 

Yet as ever life throws vicious little curve balls that clonk you on the forehead just when you’re not expecting it.  I’ve stumbled around the past few weeks in a daze.  I’ve felt so incredibly alone, with the London life buzzing around me.  I’ve wanted to just wail ‘why me?  Just for once, dammit, could it not have worked out? Don’t I deserve to be happy?’  Perhaps I should have done just that.  I’d have got a seat on the tube for once, at least!  (Sidebar: perhaps we should all embrace our ‘inner nutter’ more?)

With my dad’s illness what I’ve really, really needed is hugs, cuddles, kisses, a warm body to curl up with, fall asleep with, wake up with.  I’ve needed to feel loved, to be loved, to feel affection, to be wrapped up in someones arms and be told ‘it’s all going to be alright’.  I’ve needed that more in the past few weeks since dad has got ill than I have since my marriage broke up.  Instead I’ve come home every night to a cold, empty flat with a diary cleared of arrangements. 

Now the shock that dad’s life may never be the same again if his illness/condition stabilises but cannot be cured (and right now we still don’t know), the practical and rational me is taking over again.  I’ve cancelled my holiday so I can go on their holiday with my parents so they don’t have to cancel theirs as it requires driving and he can no longer drive.  I’m sorting out cabs when they need them and getting a routine in place to ensure they can get to the supermarket and still give the care that is required for my frail grandmother. 

The upshot of being left to sweep up the embers of the divorce proceedings, radically shifting things with my career (which I decided on and discussed with no one – a world first for little miss nervous old me!) and also dealing with dad’s illness, has reminded me I’m a tough little fighter who can cope and does cope on her own.

However it’s also taught me that I need to trust that whoever is in my life won’t run when the going gets tough because I don’t run away from the tough stuff.  I fundamentally believe if two people are meant to be together then they bond together through adversity, facing it together, using it as an opportunity to unite, supporting one another fully.  You don’t run when there’s a problem if you really want to be with someone.  You give.  You receive.  You work at it.  You share the load.  Ex boyfriend and I, for whatever reason, couldn’t.  We unravelled and are now face our challenges apart and alone.  

As I say I accept this now.  Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.  Doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hurt.  Doesn’t mean it isn’t going to hurt for a long, long time.  But I’m slowly now getting my breath back, emotionally, as it were.  Inspite of this my little heart has now run for cover and got back in it’s cosy box where it will hide until it’s safe to come out again.  For now there’s just two beady eyes peering out from the corner where the box of the lid hasn’t been put back on quite properly.  That’s ok.  Little heart can peek away whilst it has some R&R.  When it’s ready I know it will nudge the top of the box off and have a proper look around at what’s doing. 

The warm winds of spring and of change are now blowing.  I know from experience that just when I’m not expecting it, something – or someone – good will come my way.  It always does.  Like a rather famous golfer once said, ‘”the more I practice, the luckier I get”.  We make our own fate, after all! 

Love to you all,


What every parent needs in their toolbox

Emergency Chocolate

This is now in a safe place behind glass in my kitchen.

Nuff said.

Cognitive restructuring / Reframing

Since splitting up with boyfriend I have decided to do a bit of a ‘life laundry’.  I’ve decided to focus on what improvements I can make to reduce the things the remain in my life that are any cause of stress.  The biggest issue is my poor relationship and inability to communicate effectively with my ex husband. 

I don’t know whether the strain of work, both my daughter and I being very ill with norovirus recently and the final break up with boyfriend have caused this.  However I’m just tired of fighting with my ex husband.  He continues to do battle with me in every way possible, dragging out the final filing of the consent order settling financial matters with amendment after amendment.  Now the clauses are finally agreed he’s now nit picking over the wording of the clauses. 

Naturally I find it hard to be anything other than cooly civil to him when he collects and drops off our daughter.  Yet continuing to be so angry with him and putting on that cool front, when I’m basically a warm, friendly and forgiving sort, is draining the life out of me.  Its taking huge energy and wearing me out.  I’ve had enough.  I want to rise above it.  So I finally decided to give myself permission to sort this out rather than rail against it.  As I always say to others, if you want more of the same, do more of the same.  If you want something different, change something.  If only I was good at it!

I happened today across a site talking about cognitive restructuring and the damaging thought patterns we get ourselves into.  I’ve been banging on to a friend lately about importance of giving himself permission to let go of some emotional pain he’s feeling.  Yet I don’t seem to be taking my own advice!

After a good bit of navel gazing I’ve realised that continuing to be so frosty with my ex husband it is my way of showing him that I will not ever forgive him for the way he treated me during our break up whilst I was pregnant.  I’ve got myself into a negative, destructive thought and behaviour pattern which goes something like, ‘if I’m polite to him then he’ll think he’s off the hook, that I’ve forgiven him, that somehow he’s got away with treating me like that and got off scott free’. 

This is clearly a breathtakingly dumb ass attitude now that finally, for whatever reason (and who knows why we have these epiphanies when we do) I’m able to take a step back.  No, I probably won’t ever forgive him for the way he treated me and risked my baby’s life by putting me under such unnecessarily cruel stress.  I now realise I can retain that lack of forgiveness and still move on and develop a positive relationship with him, on my side at least.

In conjunction with thinking this I was also pondering that if I let go of that thought process, what it would feel like to no longer have that tension when he collects and delivers my daughter?  The words and sentences that sprung to mind were telling:

  • Peaceful
  • Productive for our daughter
  • Laying the past to rest
  • Adult
  • Proud

I was starting to formulate these thoughts on Saturday night.  I did a test run on Sunday when my ex husband dropped my daughter off.  Instead of avoiding his gaze and talking to him through our daughter (i.e. “right, say goodbye to daddy” etc) I smiled at them both when I answered the door.  I asked if she’d been ok, which I don’t normally do.  He said fine.  I said goodbye directly to him and then got munchkin to say goodbye.  Instead of practically shutting the door in his face after those goodbyes I let her wave him off.

I can’t say it felt comfortable and I still had twinges of feeling like I was being a hypocrit.  However I know from previous experience that retraining your thoughts and behaviours takes practice.  It will feel uncomfortable for a while.  Sometimes I may regress but as long as I spot that and put it right asap it’s ok.  I’m not going to be too hard on myself.  I’m going to take it a little step at a time.  Eventually the awkwardness will pass and it will become more natural. 

The best bit though is that I’m doing what comes naturally to me – which is basically being nice.  I always says that being nasty or angry takes up huge amounts of energy but being nice is energising.  At least I’m starting to listen to myself!!

Mummy Blogging – why would you want to share your personal life online?

This was a comment made by a friend recently.  I blogged recently about setting up a single parent network at work and how my sharing information about myself in the email I’ve sent around to try and get members has provided an amazing response.  That’s why you share your personal life online.  Or certainly why I do it.  It’s partly because I want to try and help others.  If I put some of my learning out there then who knows, it might “do someone a turn” as my mum would say. 

Also it’s about building networks, making friends, meeting people in a similar situation.  You can’t do either without giving some information away to build your credibility, to show you are “in” the situation and not someone commenting off the top of your head.

There are risks though.  Anyone blogging about their personal life needs to be aware of the full potential impact of their actions.  I have shared facts, but very limited ones, about my divorce and what led to it, what I did in the aftermath to move on and learn to cope.  That’s perhaps more than I’ve needed to share but it’s an amount that I am comfortable with.  Giving some thought to what your comfort levels are is important.  It can be easy to get caught up in the emotion of a moment and write a post that you’ll later regret.  To that end I generally blog about a week in advance so I have the chance to revisit posts before they go live.  Just in case.

I am also quite ready to keep this blog under wraps from my daughter.  I have no aspirations nor the talent to become an uber blogger and so I don’t think this is unachievable.  Moderated comments also mean I can delete my name if any of my friends who occasionally visit the blog forget about my desire for anonymity and include it in a comment.

It’s also about talking to your nearest and dearest about what they are comfortable with.  My daughter is too young at a wee 19 months to have a ‘right of reply’ to anything I say.  My ex husband too has no knowledge of this and cannot respond to any comments I make either.  So I do limit what I say about them directly to the most minimum of facts I feel 1000% comfortable and confident making due to the fact they are, well, facts!  But also limited to what the minimum is I feel I need in order to tell my story and share my learnings authentically.

Despite my efforts to try and be as thoughtful as I could before doing all of this though, one person I didn’t check in with was my recent ex boyfriend.  I didn’t stop to consider whether he reads blogs, understands them or the varied and colourful motives of their authors.  I didn’t ask if he was comfortable with appearing on the blog in any form.  Inevitably this caused a few stressful conversations which I hold my hands up were totally my fault.  It’s easy to forget that not everyone inhabits the weird, wired and wonderful online world as much as some of us do.

We both sat down and had an honest, frank but direct conversation about what our worries and fears are.  I was defensive at first.  I’m enjoying this so much I didn’t want anything to threaten it.  But he explained he was a private person and didn’t want his metaphoricals pulled down in public as he learnt how to be in a relationship with a single parent.  We quickly agreed some ground rules.  He didn’t want to feature here.  I respect that totally and that won’t change now we’re apart. 

Acknowledgement to  Salvatore Vuono for use of the photo.

The powerful threat of loss

I spent this weekend with my parents.  I desperately needed their counsel in the aftermath of ex boyfriend and I agreeing that our relationship can’t continue.  With my daughter off visiting her dad, I seized the opportunity for some intensive emotional repair work in their capable hands.

Aside from talking about relationship stuff we talked about what this means for me now that I have to once again consider getting out of rented accommodation and into a mortgaged property.  My equity from my divorce should be coming through in towards the end of May and the tenancy on my flat expires at the end of July.  If I don’t identify a vacant property and turn it around in that 8 week window between end May and end July I’m stuffed.  I can’t afford to get into a situation where I’m renting and paying a mortgage at the same time but my landlord won’t let me do anything other than sign for another 6 months.

Thankfully my parents have stepped in and said if I can get my stuff in storage, my daughter and I can stay with them as an interim measure.  I know this will be hard on them as they are retired and also get very tired these days.  However they know I have little choice and simply don’t have the money to do otherwise.  They also know that I won’t abuse their support and will do my all to get myself off their hands as soon as possible.

I always knew my parents were terrific and this weekend has rammed it home.  Also because I’ve discovered that my father is ill and we don’t know what is wrong with him.  He’s suddenly started veering off sideways when he walks along and can’t control it.  It could be as simply as an inner ear infection or it could be…well, really serious and I can’t even contemplate those thoughts without bursting into tears.  He’s seeing the doctor on Tuesday and that day can’t come soon enough for me.  I’m praying it’s just an ear thing and nothing more.

The power of the thought of losing someone you love is a powerful emotion.  Ok it’s worst case scenario that this thing with dad could be super serious but it’s reminded me of his mortality.  Which is pretty tough to bear right now on top of losing my boyfriend.  Life don’t half seem to throw me some curve balls.  And I never did much like sport.

A tongue in cheek guide to relationship idiot speak

OK, so now the dust is settling, the smiles are slowly starting to return.  I lay in bed last night reflecting on some of the conversations that have taken place in my life when relationships have come to pass.  In my younger days I would have taken some of the statements I’ve heard recently and in the past at face value. 

Once you get a bit more mature and relationship savvy (dare I say once you hit your thirties) you can spot the sub text.  So here’s my attempt at a bit of humour to lighten the mood.  Having debated this endlessly with girlfriends (and boyfriends) over the years, here’s some relationship idiot speak and what it really means.  I’ve said some of these things myself so I feel qualified to reveal their true meaning, as much as having been on the receiving end of some of them and then seen what’s transpired after such statements were made!

And can we all just take a moment to thank the author of Bridget Jones for bringing the phrase ’emotional fuckwittage’ into our lexicon.  Here goes:

1.  What they say: I love you

What they really mean: If said after sex, ignore.  It means that was a great shag.  If said within a short time of meeting you, ignore.  It means they’re in huge lust and trying to get a shag or secure more great shags.  If said some time into the relationship and its met with behaviours and actions that match the sentiment, you can start to believe it.  If said after periods of real strife and the behaviours/actions don’t match up, be supsicious.  It could be their spinning you a line to keep you on the hook whilst they’re working out how they really feel.  I’d much rather have silence than lies as far as this one goes.

2.  What they say:  I’m scared that if we continue and get x no. months/years down the line it might go wrong.

What they really mean: I don’t want to be with you any more but I’ve not the balls to say so.  Any relationship can go wrong at any point.  That’s just someone looking for an excuse to get out.  If that’s what they think, they shouldn’t be in any relationship, let alone one with you.

3.  What they say: I don’t have the confidence in myself to give you what you need / you deserve to be loved completely and I’m not enough for you / you deserve better etc.  In fact any variation on the theme of ‘it’s not me its you’ (this sucker can appear in myriad forms!)

What they really mean: I don’t want to be with you any more and this is my attempt at softening the blow by blaming the break up on me rather than acknowledging simply that I don’t think we’re right for each other.

4.  What they say: I’ve done some really stupid stuff and I don’t think you’ll ever forgive me

What they really mean: Either they’d like to start fresh with someone new so they have a blemish free sheet  (normally said by someone who has trouble getting over stuff themselves and has a tendency to hold onto things – bad in itself) or again, this is someone looking for excuses to get out rather than just admit they don’t want you anymore.

5.  What they say: you’re fantastic and I love you but I’m just not ready for this

What they really mean: this is a tricky one.  If dating a widower, this could be a geniune acknowledgement that they aren’t gone grieving yet.  If uttered by anyone else this is just another attempt at depersonalising the situation instead of just saying they aren’t into you.

6.  What they say: Our lives aren’t compatible, you live here, I live there, I can’t see how we’d compromise etc (or any variation on a similar theme).

What they really mean: I’m not interested in finding any compromise because I’m too selfish or too stuck in a rut to want to change and accommodate you in my life.

Interestingly a chap called Drew has blogged about this and says he’d rather have silence than what he calls bullshit rejection lines.  I’d disagree.  Silence leaves you wondering.  At least if someone has an attempt at explaning how they feel it gives you the chance to assess whether they are spinning you lines or not. 

Spinning lines doesn’t always happen and sometimes the real truth is spoken.  In fact because bullshit rejection lines are so easy to spot, I’d say even when they are spoken if you have a bit of savvy you can unpick the meaning behind the words and get to the truth.  It just takes a bit longer.

Et voila.  Feel free to send me any you’ve heard or said and I’ll add to the list.  These are just my particular gems.

Single parenting: tips for when your child is away

Onespace seems like is has the potential to be a practical, useful site for single parents (though I wish they’d change the Latin on their ‘about us’ page and actually tell us who the hell they are!) 

They’ve posted a nice list of things to do when your child is away having contact with the absent parent.  I’ve obviously got enough to do with my 101 things in 1001 days exploits – I’d like to see them add that one!

It is always a dilemma between do I take advantage of the time to get some R&R or do I rush around doing all the things I can’t do when little one is with me.  I almost feel compelled to go out when often I just want to collapse in the chair.  I talk to parents in couples and they say I’m lucky to have the time but I think it balances out because I have to bust a gut all week to do the nursery run on my own which can be exhausting.  It’s compressed me time though so I should try and enjoy it.    More than anything though I just miss my girl and can’t bear to be away from her.

Acknowledgement to Graur Razvan Ionut for use of the image.

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